Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back On Two Wheels Again After Stroke?..... Sorta!

image credit: the SSTattler

"Tadpole Recumbent Trikes.

The trikes we ride are known as "tadpole recumbent trikes". (We can also order delta trikes which have the two wheels on the rear & one on the front).  "Recumbent" means that you are sitting in down with your feet in front of you. These "trikes" have three wheels with two in the front and one behind the rider. This style of trike is known as a "tadpole".

A Bike?

These trikes ride like a little sports car or a go-cart. With their extremely low centre of gravity it is easy to take fast turns without fear of flipping over. Like a bicycle, these trikes are pedal powered and will go as fast as you can pedal. Unlike a bicycle, the trike does not lean when turning, so it is up to the rider to lean and keep all the wheels on the ground. Turning is done with the steering bar that goes under the seat and has handles on each side."

Since my stroke almost ten years ago now, one of the activities that is no longer available to me is riding a bicycle. (or a motorcycle for that matter) I suspect that this may be the case for many people who have been effected by stroke.

Although I haven't been able to have it confirmed, it is my suspicion that the center of gravity within my body has somehow shifted. In any case, however the cause may be explained in technical terms, the effect on my balance is what I call. "walking by bouncing off the walls" 

I do yearn to be able to "bike" again and so I was intrigued  with this article on the recumbent trikes as others may be as well.

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Article by: the SSTattler

Publisher: John Anderson

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