Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do You Have Them...Yes? - I Know That I Do!


"Are you tripping over piles of books on the floor?   Is your bookcase bulging at the seams with no room for all your new books?   How much time and money are you wasting finding a book or on duplicate purchases? Are you like me, someone who loves to highlight and tag your books for future reference?"

Do you have them...Yes? I know that I do, and it's high time that I followed Sherry's advise and purged my book collection. We all have our favorite book (s)  and we all fear change. In one of my recent "basic computer" classes I asked  "What are ten things that are going away because of advances in technology?" One of the answers of course was hard copy books. One lady  gasped "I could NEVER throw out my books. I will have them till I die." I couldn't help myself in that I added. "And then your kids will throw them out" A look of horror came over her face when that image burned it's way across her brain because she KNEW that what I had said is exactly what would happen.

Sherry Borsheim  of International Association of Business Organization  has laid out a plan that anyone can follow to make this change. If we follow Sherry's advise we can save money and free up valuable space at the same time. Awesome!!!

If you are really not ready to make the Kindle $100.00 (circa) commitment. Amazon features a FREE app for your laptop or other device called Kindle PC. Check it out.

Click Here to read the entire article


Click Here to read the entire article   

credit: "International Association of Business Organization"

Sherry Borsheim,  President

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