Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So... What IS "Project Based Stroke Recovery"?

"Different people have different interests.  If you didn’t play basketball or the piano before stroke, it isn’t likely that you want to take up wheelchair basketball or learn to play the piano after your stroke.  We really need to think about Different Strokes for Different Folks — or at least different activities that are aligned with your interests.  So what are your interests and how do you find activities that fit your interest?"

Feeding an interest has proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting our lives back  after having been affected by a stroke. The interests that John talks about are from people in the Edmonton, Canada community but the principal can also be applied to any community. Even yours! Just look around with an eye to your interest or passion. Find a group that shares your interest and join in. Personally I have found a writers group, an arts group and a community school group. The term that I like to apply to this type of recovery is "Project Based Stroke Recovery" and I am becoming more passionate about it every day. I give credit to Dr. Nancy Mayo a Montreal, Canada based researcher for introducing me to this recovery method.  Thanks John and Nancy for sharing!

Click Here to read John's article.

credit: the "Stroke Survivor's Tattler" 

John Anderson - publisher

concept credit: Dr. Nancy Mayo

To learn even more, refer to these publications by Dr. Mayo

Getting on With the Rest of Your Life After Stroke

Getting on With the Rest of Your Life After Stroke 2nd Edition

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